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Diagnostic equipment in inexperienced hands can mean changing electronic parts unnecessarily which hits you in the pocket. For example, a sensor called by a diagnostic code read may not be the cause of the problem; it can actually be a mechanical fault instead. Only a deep level of experience can detect this inter-relationship between electrical and mechanical systems. 

Take, for example, an engine management light indicating a problem. You book your car in for a diagnostics check at your local garage and they find a computer-logged fault which identifies the oxygen sensor. The natural fix is then is to fit a new oxygen sensor and reset the light.  Within days the engine management light re-appears with the same (new) oxygen sensor showing as the problem. This is a typical example where a misdiagnosis, in the hands of an inexperienced garage, can end up costing you money.

Claim's of having a 'fault code scanner' does not mean a garage is expert. At AER we have the latest technology and tools BUT we also have the technical expertise to look beyond the symptoms and get to the root cause, which could be mechanical or electrical. We pride ourselves on the QUALITY of service we provide. 

At AER we pride ourselves on our ability to look beyond fault codes, to interrogate 'live data' and determine the actual cause of the problem.  A seemingly faulty oxygen sensor can get logged for various reasons; it could be an air leak or an engine misfire. These are the types of mechanical problems we will check first before jumping to a conclusion and wasting our customer's money fitting unnecessary parts, that's the AER difference! We take great care to diagnose and find the cause of the problem, not just fix the symptom! No matter what problem you experience we have the knowledge and expertise to deal with it.
Our staff and Auto Technicians will be only too pleased to talk to you about your vehicle, using their specialist knowledge they get to the root of a problem and get you back on the road.

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