Auto Electrics Redditch
241 Birmingham Road
Redditch, Worcs, B97 6EH
Tel : 01527 598800
(Opposite the FIRE Station)
Tel : 01527 598800
Open 8-30am till 5.30pm Monday to Friday
Engine Management
MOT's and Servicing
Alternators & Starters
Welcome to Auto Electrics...

...we're Redditch and Bromsgrove's No 1 dealer level diagnostics centre !


We just want to reassure our customers that we are open as normal. We have already taken measures inline with recommendations to ensure the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained. We can make special arrangements for anyone who needs assistance at this time. Collection of cars, external letterbox to post keys through, payments taken over the phone etc. Staying open for our customers is our main priority and we hope we can continue to support each other.

Driving down the cost of motoring.

As a family-based company, established in 1977, we set out to specialise in car electrics, starter motor and alternator re-conditioning ("rotating electrics") servicing.  As a natural progression, and with our customers demanding a more complete service, we have invested over time to offer a complete range of servicing including MOT's. We are now a reliable and cost-effective one-stop auto centre for all your motoring needs.
Today's vehicles now rely on computer technology to run all sorts of items; engine, braking systems, airbags and more recently wipers, lights, central locking and alternators. This in-built complexity means that it is essential to be able to connect to the computer controlled components to diagnose and repair problems, or even carry out simple tasks like resetting a service light.

As this computer based complexity has increased, here at AER we have continued to make significant investments in the latest manufacturer's diagnostic equipment. We can now provide dealer level support across a huge range of vehicles, from small family all the way through premium to performance and luxury manufacturers.
With the level of technology and expertise we have available it is no longer necessary to think that only your main dealer can fix a problem. With AER, it's like having the dealer on your doorstep!x
AER offer specialist services across most well known vehicle makes and models;

If your car isn't listed, don't worry, contact us anyway and we will tell you straight away whether we can help, it's unusual if we can't.

The complex electrical and computer systems in today's cars, together with modern petrol and diesel engine management, mean diagnosing and rectifying a fault is now a specialist job. At AER, we offer expert "Diagnostic Scanning" and services at a price substantially below what you could pay at a Main Dealer. 

It's like having Dealer level service on your doorstep,without the price tag!

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